How would you like me to cook for you? I offer a great choice of catering services to help your event or special occasion go with a bang! Spanish buffets, Greek dinner parties, French cuisine, Italian, or even Turkish, Mexican and Indian. I am well-travelled, and I know all about bringing foreign flavours, foods and fusions to dinner tables of all sizes. Good quality and lots of choice.

So if you’re fed up of limp sausage rolls and cheese-on-a-stick, I’ll help you indulge your guests with exciting dishes. My staff are beautifully presented in black and yellow uniforms too!

“A celebrity chef cooking experience,” I can also offer private or group cookery lessons for you and your friends!

Call me on 07837 551517, or click here to email and let’s talk through your ideas. I’ll help you to design the perfect menu for your event, all made with high quality ingredients and a passion for good food.