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Hot and spicy mushroom and glass noodle soup

Red pepper paste
3 cloves garlic
4 good slices ginger
A hand full of chestnut mushrooms
1 stick celery
Pink Himalayan rock salt a twist of
A dash of soy
A dash of fish sauce
A dessert spoon of sesame oil
A handful of mixed parsley and corriander
Half a lime ( a 1/4 to squeeze in and a 1/4 for the garnish and to squeeze over as you eat)
A small pkt dried glass noodles
Pint of boiled water

It’s easy and cooked in 5 mins
Get your pan chuck in the oil sliced mushrooms, pepper paste garlic and ginger – cook for 3 mins add a pint of boiling water, throw in noodles and all other ingredients – save some herbs to put through at the end … It’s simple and easy and really healthy!!


Mexican madness!!

If there is one cuisine I absolutely love – it is Mexican, oh chipotle pulled pork, chicken fajitas, marinated steaks guacamole, chimichurri…. Oh yes!! Now I insist you must make your own salsa and guacamole- Infact all your own dips- shop bought are not the real deal… Make the whole meal from scratch and invite your friends around… Trust me you will have friends for life!! If you want my recipes for this subscribe and message me!! Arribba!! Xx