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Wood fired pizzas

I am so excited to now cover even more of the Mediterranean and bring you wood fired pizzas direct to any event, freshly cooked for you and your guests on site! ” the Walter White of pizzas” making pizzas taste so good is a science from the right oven to the wood – right down to the flour and all other ingredients and I can proudly say I have now got “the Breaking Bad of all pizzas outside of Naples”
I have been researching the perfect base and have been to Naples and tested lots of different recipes and ovens over the past 18 months and I am now proud to say I have perfected the perfect pizza and am so excited to offer these pizzas at a competitive price and of the highest standards! For all your events, weddings ( I offer love heart shaped pizzas for weddings) christenings, funerals, business lunches and parties, corporate, house parties, children’s parties … Children can create their own pizzas – we come to you and your party!! Hire us for any event!! We will cook up the best authentic pizzas you have ever tasted outside of Naples!! make your own pizzas too , book special pizza days for you and your friends to learn how to cook from scratch …Only the finest ingredients sourced from the best Italian suppliers and my own special recipes to bring you the best lightest and crispy bases and finest tomato sauces and toppings of cured meats, fungi, truffles, hams, mozzeralla direct from Italy – also I have made lots of flavoured oils ranging from truffle, chilli, fennel, pesto, lemon and thyme, , garlic and sundried tomato, so you can choose your favourite oil along with your desired toppings, please ring to book 07837551517







Spicy green curry veg soup with mini chilli and black pepper popadums

This is a soup that literally can be made in 10 mins from start to finish .. It’s really healthy, really tasty, filling and low on calories … Make a big pan and portion to eat for the week or freeze into portions….you can use any veg you have in your fridge/ freezer but I am using …

Green beans
Broad beans
Chestnut mushrooms
Cherry tomatoes
2 spring onions
Garden peas
Two cans of coconut milk
A heaped dessert spoon of green curry paste ( you can also make this from scratch which I will show you in another recipe)
4 cloves of garlic
Half a red sliced chilli
1/4 teaspoon dried chilli flakes
1 kafir lime leaf


Put everything in the pan – bring to the boil then summer for ten mins and blend

Whilst your soup is cooking deep fry your mini popadums ( I will show you how to make these in another recipe)
Shop bought or homemade … Whichever you have time for ..
The main thing is – making your own healthy meals quickly and easily .. You cannot beat the health benefits or taste from eating freshly made soups ( or any other meals)

Coconut milk/ water is very good for you if you are pregnant and it is also a natural fat buster .. It’s a superfood!!





Hot and spicy mushroom and glass noodle soup

Red pepper paste
3 cloves garlic
4 good slices ginger
A hand full of chestnut mushrooms
1 stick celery
Pink Himalayan rock salt a twist of
A dash of soy
A dash of fish sauce
A dessert spoon of sesame oil
A handful of mixed parsley and corriander
Half a lime ( a 1/4 to squeeze in and a 1/4 for the garnish and to squeeze over as you eat)
A small pkt dried glass noodles
Pint of boiled water

It’s easy and cooked in 5 mins
Get your pan chuck in the oil sliced mushrooms, pepper paste garlic and ginger – cook for 3 mins add a pint of boiling water, throw in noodles and all other ingredients – save some herbs to put through at the end … It’s simple and easy and really healthy!!


Mexican madness!!

If there is one cuisine I absolutely love – it is Mexican, oh chipotle pulled pork, chicken fajitas, marinated steaks guacamole, chimichurri…. Oh yes!! Now I insist you must make your own salsa and guacamole- Infact all your own dips- shop bought are not the real deal… Make the whole meal from scratch and invite your friends around… Trust me you will have friends for life!! If you want my recipes for this subscribe and message me!! Arribba!! Xx