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Leeds cooking demonstration

Here are a few photographs from me showing the general public of Leeds how make the perfect chicken , and seafood and chorizo paella,
Paella was invented in a small village in Valencia , typically they would use the foods they had around them, so they would use duck and chicken from their land and or the shellfish from the sea to also make a ” marisco” paella, basically it was to ensure they got all their nutrients from a one pan dish and typically they would eat this for their Sunday lunch . As time went on the duck was later replaced with rabbit as it was cheaper and much easier to source …. However paella is the pan and not the ingredients – so actually you will find from region to region the ingredients will change especially from Catalonia to Andalusia.. Each chef has their own special recipe and you will find mine on the YouTube cooking channel .. Link directly from the homepage and please leave feedback or ask any questions .. Muchas Gracias xx