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Spicy green curry veg soup with mini chilli and black pepper popadums

This is a soup that literally can be made in 10 mins from start to finish .. It’s really healthy, really tasty, filling and low on calories … Make a big pan and portion to eat for the week or freeze into portions….you can use any veg you have in your fridge/ freezer but I am using …

Green beans
Broad beans
Chestnut mushrooms
Cherry tomatoes
2 spring onions
Garden peas
Two cans of coconut milk
A heaped dessert spoon of green curry paste ( you can also make this from scratch which I will show you in another recipe)
4 cloves of garlic
Half a red sliced chilli
1/4 teaspoon dried chilli flakes
1 kafir lime leaf


Put everything in the pan – bring to the boil then summer for ten mins and blend

Whilst your soup is cooking deep fry your mini popadums ( I will show you how to make these in another recipe)
Shop bought or homemade … Whichever you have time for ..
The main thing is – making your own healthy meals quickly and easily .. You cannot beat the health benefits or taste from eating freshly made soups ( or any other meals)

Coconut milk/ water is very good for you if you are pregnant and it is also a natural fat buster .. It’s a superfood!!





Healthy egg rice and Chinese curry sauce

This is a really straight forward and easy dish …
Rice 2 cups
Eggs x4
The celery base
A few sprigs of parsley
Sesame oil
Pint of water

For the Curry sauce:..
Curry power
Black pepper
Lemon juice a squeeze
Palm sugar teaspoon
A few crushed Szechuan peppercorns
A twist of salt
A dash of rice vinegar

Boil the rice for 12 mins highest heat with the celery and then drain and pour over boiled water through the sieve to rid excess starch – discard the celery
Leave to stand in the sieve over the pan

All the ingredients in the pan for the curry sauce and summer for 10 mins

For the eggs crack them in a dish and whisk as though you are making scrambled eggs and place in the microwave for two mins covered ( this is so you don’t need to add any oil or fats to the egg- once done slice into pieces and transfer the rice back to the pan stir through the egg and Pour in a tablespoon of sesame oil and stir altogether .. Place in a little bowl and press down and then turn upside down on to the plate to achieve the shapes I have … Pour over the curry sauce and garnish with the parsley

It’s very healthy and tasty and guilt free … Go on make it for yourself!! enjoy